Stone and Shadow

Stone and Shadow is a unique boutique experience for each individual. We specialize in holistic healing products to nurture your skin, loose crystals and handmade gemstone jewelry. Our new service offerings include Reiki, Sound Therapy, Breath work, Lucia Light Therapy and Quantum TouchHealing sessions.

Creator, Nadia Ishmail is the artist behind each hand crafted gemstone design and accessory. Certified as Reiki Level 2, Herbalism, and Multi Instrument Sound Therapy, the boutique and all items have been cleared to ensure the highest vibrations are passed on to you. You will find one of a kind wrapped and caged stone jewelry along with a beautiful selection of loose gemstones and home decor items in our Hamilton, Ontario location.

We are happy to provide a tranquil environment for you and the entire family. Stop by to experience the wonderful natural aromas, listen to our sound therapy bowls or meditation chants along with the opportunity Nourish Naturally in body, mind and spirit.