Dream Toy given to Once Again from a Generous Gentleman!

Marilyn from Once Again (249 Ottawa Street North) came by the BIA today with one awesome story! Last week, in the middle of the day a man named Russ came by her store with one very special item: a 1950’s red toy pedal car, for free!

“They didn’t just donate a toy, they donated my dream toy!” Marilyn gushed. “People donate things all the time to corporations, it was so touching to have someone come in and be so generous with our shop. He said he liked the way we did business, that he had been in our store and wanted to keep this kind of business going, to keep it around.”

The tailgate was bent in, so Marilyn went into full resortation mode, flattened it out, took out a ding in the front right with a rubber mallet, and washed it all because it was full of leaves and debris from sitting in the backyard. Then she oiled it to prevent rust from spreading.

If you love the look of this beautiful antique, it pains us to let you know it’s already been snapped up. “I was sad when it sold so fast,” explained Marlilyn. “Someone came and bought it right away. They were driving down the street, saw it at the front of the store and pulled over. It was their dream toy too.”

Once Again Antiques
249 Ottawa St. N
Hamilton Ontario L8H 3Z4