Ottawa Street BIA Board of Management

Elections 2022-2026 Term


The 2022 to 2026 BIA Board of Management nomination period will be open from October 3rd, 2022 to October 13th, 2022.




You’re invited to help shape Ottawa Street North for the future.

Your expertise and commitment for Ottawa Street North combined with your desire to work in cooperation and positivity with your fellow members is what improves our community. We invite you to apply this expertise as a BIA member and help ensure Ottawa Street North success for years to come. Read on to find

out how.




As a BIA Board member, you will be required to:

Attend board meetings every 2nd Thursday of the month at 8:00am to 10:00am, in addition to any other meetings that may be required. Be supportive and respectful in all mannerisms when interacting with other board members and people involved in the business of the BIA. Represent the interests of all people served by this organization and not favour special interests inside or outside the BIA. Not use your service on the Board for your own personal advantage or the advantage of your friends and supporters. Approach all Board issues with an open mind, prepared to make the best decisions for everyone involved. Focus your efforts on the mission of the organization and not personal goals. Abide by the City of Hamilton By-Law no. 14-253 which can be found online or the Ottawa Street BIA website.




A BIA allows local business people and property owners to join together and with the support of the municipality, to organize, finance and carry out physical improvement (within the boundaries of the Bia defined by the municipality) and promote the area as a business district. The Ottawa Street BIA boundaries are from Barton St to Main St along Ottawa Street North.





  1. BIA members first express their desire to be on the Board by either registering themselves as a nominee or accepting a nomination of them made by someone else. To register yourself as a nominee, you must have the support of at least three other BIA members. To nominate a candidate, that candidate must have the support of three other members. That candidate can either accept or decline the nomination. The nomination form is found in this package or on our website at
  2. Nominees must also submit a nominee biography as outlined on the nomination form.
  3. If more candidates are nominated than there are positions available on the BIA Board, the nominees will be presented to the BIA members for voting. Members may vote for one candidate per available seat. Those candidates with the most votes will be presented to Council for approval and formal appointment to the Board. If a lesser number of candidates are nominated than the number of open positions on the Board, those candidates will be presented to Council for approval and formal appointment. The Board will continue to recruit to fill any open positions.




Nominations should be received by the Ottawa Street BIA Secretary at Obskurah Bazaar, 116 Ottawa Street North, by 5:00pm on October 13th, 2022.

Nominations can also be made at the commencement of the Annual General Meeting from the floor.




Any member of the Ottawa Street BIA who is defined as such: every person who is assessed with respect to property in a prescribed business property class within an area designated as a business improvement area, and tenants of such property, is a Member of the B.I.A. In addition, any community member who has written consent of another BIA member. All candidates much complete the nomination form with three additional signatures to apply.




Once nominations close after the Annual General Meeting, the Ottawa Street BIA Coordinator shall determine whether nine (9) or fewer have been nominated or whether more than nine (9) eligible people have been nominated. If nine (9) or fewer have been nominated, than no vote shall be required and the persons nominated shall be declared elected by acclimation. If more than nine (9) eligible persons have been nominated than an election shall be held as follows:


A ballot shall be prepared and available at the Annual General Meeting, to each Member on the Membership Roll. Elections will take place from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, November 2nd, 2022 at the Crown Point Community Church. A Member, who is not on the Membership Roll, may obtain a ballot by attending the Annual General Meeting and providing evidence of their status as a member of satisfactory to the Ottawa Street BIA coordinator. Each member of a BIA has one vote regardless of the number of properties that the member may own or lease in the improvement area.


All ballots must be received by 8:00pm on November 2nd, 2022.




To register as a nominee, fill out the nomination form and have three fellow BIA members support your nomination by signing to nominate you as a candidate for the BIA Board of Management Election and return the form to the Ottawa St BIA Secretary located at Obskurah Bazaar (116 Ottawa Street North) via hardcopy by 5:00pm on October 13th, 2022. In order to ensure the hardcopy is received, please drop off the candidate form to the BIA Secretary at Obskurah Bazaar, 116 Ottawa Street North, during their business hours. Do not leave the candidate form in the mailbox or via e-mail. Must receive hardcopy with signatures.


Once all of the nominations are received by 5:00pm on October 13th, the BIA Board of Management will review them.




Simply fill out the form provided in this package or download a pdf copy on the Ottawa Street BIA website and have the nominee sign it. An additional 3 signatures of secondary BIA members required.




In the event of a need for an election, the list of nominees will be presented at the Annual General Meeting and available on our website for review. You will then be required to visit the Crown Point Community Church on November 2nd 2022 between 7:00pm and 8:00pm to vote. Each member has only one (1) vote regardless of the number of properties that the member may own or lease in the improvement area.


There shall be no proxy voting of any kind at Members’ meetings, including voting at the Annual General Meeting in a City Council’s election year for the purpose of providing the City with the opinion of the B.I.A. on Council’s appointment of Directors to the Board Management, except a corporate Member may nominate, in writing by letter delivered to the Secretary of the Board of Management at least fifteen (15) days before the date set for a vote, one individual to vote on its behalf. Such a nomination shall be effective on the date it is received and shall continue to be effective until it is replaced or revoked by a further letter received by the Secretary of the Board of Management.


Members may vote for up to nine (9) names on the ballot but may in their absolute discretion vote for less than nine (9) names. Ballots marked to vote for more than nine (9) names shall be declared to be spoiled. A checkmark next to the names on the ballot is required for each vote.


The nine (9) nominees receiving the most votes shall be declared elected.



VOTING WILL BE CLOSED November 2, 2022 AT 8:00pm.


NOTE: We encourage you to review the biographies of all nominees before making your selection (bios will be available on the Ottawa Street BIA website or upon request from the BIA office.) Further we advise you to keep in mind the benefits to having a well-rounded board that encompasses the key skill set of Marketing, Beautification, Finance, Legal, Operations and Stakeholder Relations and represent the variety of BIA business owners that make up membership and vote accordingly.


We value diversity and welcome nominees from all businesses, backgrounds, race, religion, creed, gender, orientation and otherwise.




The Board of Management shall consist of 9 Directors, selected by a vote of the Members of the BIA and then appointed as Directors by City Council. In addition, the Board of Management shall consist of the Councillor(s) of the Ward(s) in which the BIA is located, directly appointed as Directors by the City.




The office of a Member of the Board of Management shall be vacated if such Member:


Is absent from Board of Management meetings for three (3) consecutive regular meetings without reasonable cause. Upon a Director failing to attend two (2) consecutive regular meetings without reasonable cause, the

Board of Management shall send by prepaid mail, a notice to the Director advising that upon a third (3rd) failure to attend, the Board of Management shall recommend to the City that such Director be removed from the Board of Management.


A Director resigns in writing to the Board of Management with a copy of the letter copied to the Co-ordinator of Business Improvement Areas, Economic Development Division, Planning and Economic Development Department.



Date and Time


Annual General Meeting, November 2nd, 6:00pm to 7:00pm @ Crown Point Community Church

Election Voting, November 2nd, 7:00pm to 8:00pm @ Crown Point Community Church



We will be following the Covid protocols outlined by the Government of Canada at the time of the election.


Thank you.

Candidate form:

Nomination Consent






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