Blacksmith Workshop

Back by popular demand!
Ryan Leis returns, with his heat, hammers and anvils, to teach us the age old techniques of the blacksmith. In this two hour workshop, you will create your own uniquely styled athame (ritual dagger) worthy of an epic name or magical undertaking!
The blending of magic and intention is an essential part to creating success. Making your own tools from fire, steel and your own sweat equity creates a implement of intense power and focus that could become a special element of your craft.
Facilitator: Ryan Leis, is a gifted blacksmith, historian and teacher. He puts his students at ease with his sense of humour and chill vibe. He is an expert in his field and has been a blacksmith and prop maker for over a decade. Ryan’s love of his craft has led him in many directions including co-starring in the Canadian Reality TV show Metal Masters (2014) and making full suits of armour for historically accurate reenactments. He has a comprehensive list of metal works including practical swords & knives, ritual tools, armouring and jewelry. Seven years ago he began teaching blacksmithing in small private workshops. He loves helping people create powerful items of personal significance. Check out his website at
Join us for this 2 hour workshops where you will make your own steel athame. You will learn techniques to shape, twist, hammer, and decorate each piece to create your own personal magical instrument. Copper and bronze wire will be available to add decoration should you choose


PLS NOTE: Each workshop is limited to four (4) participants. Participants must be 18 years of age or older to attend on their own or a parent for those 14-17 must be in attendance at all times and sign the waiver on behalf of the minor child. No exceptions will be made.
This event will happen outdoors. Currently there are no COVID restrictions in place. However, should this change, we will adhere to COVID restrictions set in place by Hamilton Public Health on the dates of the workshop.


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May 2024