Do You Feel Inspired on Ottawa Street?

We have a dream! The Ottawa Street BIA wants to inspire your creative spirit when you come to shop on the Street! Are you buying an antique to re-finish? Show us what it looks like! When you visit are you bringing along your pinterest pic to duplicate in your own home? Are you sewing your own diy project? Are you getting a tattoo? There are some many different ways to feel creative here. Are you shopping at our Farmers’ Market and making dinner? If you bought a piece of art here – where did you put it and how does it enhance your life?We know you are – now we want you to tell us about it and show us the fruits of your labour. “What Will You Create Today” is a campaign that we have begun so we can engage with those looking for great food, great fashion both for personal and your home and searching for the most fabulous find. Post your pics on our facebook page – tell us where you sourced your project !

To get you started and to show you how this works our own Store owners (and yes, the BIA staff will take our turn) will be taking turns showing you how Ottawa Street inspires them. Different projects will be displayed in store windows throughout the year and the first to begin is The Millonaire’s Daughter. We love working with Maureen and her team and they have a great inspirational project.

First, she found this old table and some chairs that were unsellable. The chairs came with cushions that were, well let’s just say, past their best.

So she partnered with Decor Restore (Dennis and his team are good friends with our Ottawa Street merchants) to paint the table and chairs. She sourced new fabric from Ottawa Textiles – she definitely had lots to choose from…

Our friend Vladimir from Adenda upholstered the seats! Vlad runs the store beside Maureen’s and the often work together on projects. The final product looks like this!!

The fantastic news is that Maureen will be auctioning off this set and donating the proceeds to charity. More details on that will follow soon. In the meantime, The Millionaire’s Daughter is located at 272 Ottawa Street North. We hope Maureen’s project has inspired you now we’d like to hear from you – What will you create today?