Maxam Fitness guarantees quality equipment for your fitness regiment!

Whether you’re a hardcore fitness enthusiast looking to increase the effectiveness of your workout, or if you’ve never set foot in a gym and are looking for something you can start using at home, Maxam Fitness at 303 Ottawa Street North has what you need. Sue and Al Moffat are the couple behind this massive and bright location, and have been in the business of fitness for 30 years. They started out on Ottawa Street, moved locations a couple of times and came back to the street 8 years ago. “Big spaces in Hamilton are hard to find,” explained Sue, who keeps an impressively large inventory. “We also love this area. It’s a good fit!”

Maxam manufactures their own equipment in Ontario, which means they can guarantee the highest level of quality control. Everything is made with Canadian regulated steel, rather than unregulated off shore material, and after sales service is done directly with factory trained technicians. All of the equipment is produced with input from engineers, athletes and kinesiologists.

This attention to detail is a big part of why Maxam was the official retailer to outfit the Ti-Cat workout/dressing room at the new Tim Horton’s Field stadium, providing all the equipment elite athletes could need – treadmills, elliptical machines, strengthening equipment, and so on. “They wanted to support a local retailer,” Sue beamed.

If you’re shopping for your own home equipment, Sue points out it’s important to be realistic about the kind of workout you will actually do. “You’ve got to buy what you will use,” she said matter-of-factly. “Running, for instance, is great but only if you DO IT. For some, a recumbent stationary cycle, with the backrest, is a better choice for people who would choose to put it in front of the TV and get their exercise that way.” Maxam adamantly encourages all of their customers to come try the equipment in the store before making a purchase.

Maxam Fitness
303 Ottawa Street North
Hamilton, ON
(905) 387-4447