Merchant Feature: Antique Avenue

Opening in Summer 2010 after acquiring a large collection from a single seller, Adam and Tom looked for a space in which they could sell the collection. They were drawn to Ottawa St. N due to the known antique stores that were and still remain on the street. Finding their home at 329 Ottawa St. N., they established their joint venture of ‘Antique Avenue’, blink and you might miss their entrance, but they boast a large treasure trove of beautiful furniture.

After establishing themselves, they now specialize in mid-century and teak furniture as well as boast a well stocked record collection. Come down to the store to see the pieces or peruse their selection online, although do note that their whole selection is not available online. Every piece is unique and specific, so come take a peek at what they have in store!

Follow Antique Avenue on Instagram for the most current items for sale (@antique_avenue), find them on Facebook or on their website at Call 905-547-7168 or come down and meet Adam and Tom at 329 Ottawa St. N.