Merchant Feature: JD Barbershop

JD Barbershop moved to Ottawa St. N 6 years ago but George has over 49 years of experience as a barber! Moving to Canada 30 years ago, he settled in Hamilton after visiting friends and experiencing the strong Italian community present in the city. His original location was in Eastgate for 3 years before he moved to his Main St. location for 20 years. His move to Ottawa St. N. was to be in a more visible spot as he was aware of the trendy history of the street.

He started to learn how to cut hair at 14, starting with sweeping the floor and watching his father’s barber work. Eventually he was allowed to bring his family and friends in to practice cutting hair which lead to completing a program at a hairdresser school which is where he was trained in both women’s and men’s styles though he now specializes in men’s cuts.

JD Barbershop is located at 6 Ottawa St. N., walk-ins are accepted or call 289-684-5758 to make an appointment.