Merchant Feature: Millenium Jewellers

After more than 23 years as a travelling jeweller, Rafael decided to open his own brick and mortar in 2013 at 3-134 Ottawa St. N. Being a trained goldsmith, he wanted to have his own space to sell as well as repair pieces that customers bring in. Being a long-time Hamiltonian, Rafael felt at home in the Ottawa St. N and the Crown Point community through his daily walks in the neighbourhood with his dog, Coco. Being a family-owned business, Rafael runs the shop along with his wife, Alba and Coco is a regular staff member as well with regular customers stopping by for a quick visit with Coco.

Rafael is a watch and jewellery collector, specializing in vintage and high-end pieces. Boasting one of the largest collections in town, be sure to ask to see other pieces that may not be on display at the front of the store. As he is able to do all the jewellery repairs in house as a trained goldsmith, his prices are fair and competitive, and he ensures that his work is of high-quality and won’t let a customer walk out the door unsatisfied.

Rafael does custom work, jewellery repair and sells pieces of vintage, estate and sterling silver jewellery as well as vintage and high-end watches. Note that Rafael does not do sales online, so come see him if you are interested in purchasing or selling a piece!

Call Rafael at 905-312-1818 for any questions, or go to his Facebook to see his jewellery collection (Millennium Jewellers or Instagram (@milleniumjewellers) for his selection of watches!