Merchant Feature: Murray’s Farm & Butcher Shoppe

Murray’s Farm & Butcher Shoppe has called 182 Ottawa St. N home for the last 2 years after the previous butcher shoppe closed its doors. Seeing the opportunity to be involved in the community and all the new shops that were opening their doors in 2018, Farmer Murray was eager to open the only farmer owned butcher shoppe in Hamilton.

Murray’s Farm & Butcher Shoppe has become popular in the neighbourhood, with over 1/2 of their customers being regulars. They enjoy the strong support system that is present on the street with not only the residents but the other business owners as well. In fact, Murray’s is one of the stops on the Ottawa St. Food Tour fundraiser for Food4Kids Hamilton coming up on March 18th.

Farmer Murray’s farm is located in Cambridge, where he breeds heritage pigs, chickens and turkeys. He specializes in only old breeds that are not used at the factory farming level due to the intentional detail that is needed to raise them. Murray opened the farm 9 years ago after having grown up on his parents farm out West and recognizing that there was a need for preserving these rare breeds in Ontario. The butcher shoppe was opened to be a resource for people to be able to have access to good quality, pasture-raised animals that are fed a high quality diet, raised with respect at a fair price point.

The butcher shoppe sells pork, chicken and beef but their speciality is in pork. Farmer Murray focuses on 6 breeds of pigs (Gloucestershire Old Spots, British Saddleback, Yorkshire, Hereford, Tamworth and Berkshire). They also make all their sausages and famous burger patties in-house. Farmer Murray also has over 20 breeds of heritage hens that exclusively lay eggs that are also available in the butcher shoppe.

Stop by 182 Ottawa St. N to see their daily selection or follow them on Instagram (murraysfarmbutchershoppe) or on Facebook (Murray’s Farm & Butcher Shoppe).