Merchant Feature: Ottawa Key Shop

The Ottawa Key Shop opened its’ doors at 81 Ottawa St. N in 1939 and over the last 81 years, it has grown to its’ current size with the last expansion taking place in 2016. Having been a family business since 1972, Ron took over for his father and his daughter who has been at the Key Shop for 15 years, is slated to take over for Ron when the time comes. Ron’s father decided to purchase the business because the Ottawa Key Shop was well located in the Crown Point neighbourhood.

The Ottawa Key Shop offers a variety of services including all door hardware, handicap door access needs, safes as well as selling and repairing door locks. With 5 service trucks on the road, they are well equipped to respond to the needs of the needs of their residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Visit or stop by 81 Ottawa St. N for a visit. Should you require a consultation to your home, office or factory, call 905-544-4071 to book an appointment.