Merchant Feature: Ottawa St. Health Collective

Maureen founded Aloft Massage Therapy in 2016 and through the Small Business Enterprise Center, she received a grant to be able to expand her business space and Lila joined her in late 2017, followed by Nancy in 2018. Caitlyn, Nicole and Madeliene all joined recently and this past fall they decided to found the Ottawa Street Health Collective as they found they were often referring patients to each other and joining forces would draw more attention to their space as well as draw in more patients and other like-minded providers.

They are a group of independent healthcare providers connected by a common workspace and shared values. Their areas of expertise include Registered Massage Therapy, Naturopathic Care, Osteopathy, Clinical Social Work, Individual Psychotherapy, Child and Family Therapy, Manual Therapy and, movement classes. They are a body-positive, queer-positive, safe space for those that are recovering from eating disorders, etc.


Madeleine is a Naturopathic Doctor and is evidence based in her approach to holistic healthcare with a special focus on maternal mental health and hormones.

Nancy is an OMP (Osteopathic Manual Practitioner) and provides a hands-on, holistic therapy that focuses on restoring the body’s functional structure so that it can self heal and self regulate. Osteopathy focuses on the root cause of the dysfunction creating discomfort  and pain rather than focusing on just the symptoms.

Maureen and Nicole both offer RMT (Registered Massage Therapy) services. They provide a wide scope of styles as well as acupuncture and Move & Rest appointments which focuses on strengthening as a means of recovering from and reducing pain.

Join them for their first annual open house on February 7th (6:30-9:00). “Feel the Love” is a fundraiser for Hamilton ACORN and there will be meet-and-greats with all the ladies of the Collective as well as sample classes! The first 20 guests receive gift baskets and there will also be raffle tickets available to purchase. For more information on the event or to purchase tickets, go to!

With just a door leading to their practice, keep an eye out for their sign at 327 Ottawa St. N. Find the Collective at their website ( Instagram at @ottawastreethealthcollective, please note that their hours vary throughout the week so contact for availability and booking appointments.

Maureen Blevins Hayward (RMT); Nicole Meades (RMT); Nancy Bowe (OMP):, Instagram – @aloftrmt, Facebook – Aloft Registered Massage Therapy

Madeleine Elton (Naturopathic Doctor):; Instagram – @mettahealthservices

Lila Knighton (Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist):

Caitlyn Young (Child & Family Therapist/Clinical Social Worker):

Katie Ritchie (Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist):

Leila Coulibaly (Psychotherapist):