Merchant Feature: Quality Bakery

Buying the business in 1999 from close friends who had run the bakery since the 60s, Margaret began to learn the art of baked breads at 150 Ottawa St. N. When she purchased the bakery, she moved the business to Ottawa St. N because she was drawn to the thriving life of Ottawa St. N.

Her specialties include rye bread, artisan breads and challah bread – she still uses recipes handed down through the generations that originally come from Polish Jews pre-World War II! She also provides wholesale baked goods to Denninger’s and select restaurants in town.

Margaret is currently working on creating a ‘Keto Corner’ – a selection of Keto compliant baked goods (fresh on Saturdays, frozen throughout the week), so stay tuned!

Keeping in mind that she is cash only, stop by 150 Ottawa St. N to take in her selection, baked fresh every morning or take a look on Instagram (@besteggbuns), Facebook (Quality Bakery) or check out her website