Merchant Feature: Revolution Records

After working in the vinyl record industry for 20 years, Scott decided to open his own shop, Revolution Records in September 2015 at 166 Ottawa St. N. As a resident of Crown Point, he enjoyed the community of the neighbourhood and enjoys the community of the street as well as participating in the street events throughout the year.

Offering a collection upwards of 10,000, Scott has a wide variety of records to look through. He sells both vintage and new releases as well as new and used records. He also puts in special orders, so if you have a record in mind and can’t track it down – head over to Revolution Records and he can help you get your hands on it!

Record Store Day coming up on April 18th, so be sure to check out the list and put Revolution Records down as a stop!

Follow Scott on Instagram (revrexhamilton) or on Facebook. If you’re interested in selling, call at 289-389-7746 or come in so Scott can take a look!