Merchant Feature: Revolving Closet

Revolving Closet

Opened in 1998, Revolving Closet has been a part of Ottawa Street for over 22 years. Owner Eva Grad took over ownership of the business and has been running everything herself since the beginning – from keeping track of sales, serving customers behind the desk to stocking inventory. Revolving Closet is well known for its colourful window displays that change weekly.

Revolving Closet is a consignment shop and is always accepting clothing and accessories from local sellers. This is a great opportunity to dig deep into your closet and get rid of those items that are always in the running yet never seem to make the cut. Not only is this a great system for making an extra bit of cash off your unused goods, it also means your supporting a 100% sustainable and eco-friendly way of shopping.

Did you know?

The fashion industry is the world’s second-largest polluter, after oil.

“What’s perhaps most shocking, is how far-reaching the industry’s impact is. It touches on four major areas: waste, water, toxic chemicals and energy.” says Kelly Drennan, founding executive director of Fashion Takes Action. The average T-shirt uses 400 to 600 gallons of water to produce (that’s equivalent to seven to 10 full bathtubs); a pair of jeans uses 1,800 gallons of water (that’s about 6,800 one-litre bottles); the fashion industry uses 1,600 chemicals in their dying process only 1% of which have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and a T-shirt can travel up to 3,500 km before it lands on a consumer’s back.

Fast fashion, pop culture, and traditional as well as social media have created a cult of consumerism that’s more rabid than ever before. How can you help stop the fast fashion trend? Recycling your unused clothing and supporting local thrift shops in your neighborhood is a great start! By choosing gently loved clothing and accessories over new means you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Thrifting is also a big money saver, most second hand shops sell articles at a fraction of their original retail cost. Thrifting also allows you to express yourself and get creative with your wardrobe. These pieces are often one-of-a-kind and each tell a story and have a unique history.

Owner Eva makes you feel comfortable and at ease during your shopping experience. Take your time perusing the racks of vintage dresses, classic denim and seasonal footwear. Revolving Closet is known for its annual anniversary sale, this year they celebrated a 22nd anniversary with a 22 cent sale. Buy one item get a second item for only 22 cents! Keep an eye out for the return of the 22 cent sale at our annual Sidewalk Sale this September!

Located at 208-A Ottawa Street N – open Tuesday- Sunday 11AM-3PM walk-ins are welcome but are asked to sanitize upon entry, face masks are encouraged.

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