Merchant Feature: Riders Solutions

Amir worked in his father, Bizhan’s shop in the old Centre Mall throughout high school and upon graduating, opened his own business in the mall. When the mall was closed in 2008, they moved to 333 Ottawa St. N and opened Riders Solutions, selling biking gear. Two years later, they decided to get into electric bikes and the rest is history. Together, with their in-house technician – Percy – they have found passion in providing transportation to customers.

The beauty and diversity of the shops on Ottawa St. N drew Amir, Bizhan and Percy to open up shop on the street. Being long-time residents of Hamilton, they really enjoy the atmosphere of Crown Point, finding the customers to be down-to-earth and eager to support local businesses.

Having been in the retail business for years, Amir really discovered his passion when the e-bikes were brought into the shop. Because the flexibility of the bikes allow for a wider range of customers to purchase one, he really enjoys being able to provide transportation to those that would otherwise be limited in their ability to travel. The bikes don’t require a license and other complications of purchasing/maintaining a car as well as come in 2 or 3 wheel models, which allows for a wider age range of customers who can appreciate the electric bike.

Not only does this team offer a wide range of models and styles but since they deal directly with their factory in China, they are able to provide custom work on a bike as well. Percy, the in-house technician, has mastered the bikes and doesn’t come up against a repair or issue that he cannot fix.

Amir will provide training to ensure that the drivers are educated to ride safely on their bikes as well as provide a delivery service or a pick-up should a driver find themselves stuck. The whole team values superior customer service to each customer that comes their way.

Find them on Facebook (Riders Solutions) or online ( If you have any questions, call 905-547-4747 or email