Merchant Feature: Stardust Records

Sharron and her husband first opened Stardust records in September of 1983 after the record store Sharon worked for decided to close their doors. Driven by passion and love for records, they first opened their store on Barton St., then moving to Main St. E before coming to Ottawa St. N. Her current location at 124 Ottawa St. N is her second on the street but she enjoys the visibility of being on a corner and enjoys the other trendy merchants that draw customers to the street.

Sharron’s vast selection of cassettes, CDs and records are worth the visit as she offers a vast selection, specializing in oldies (50s-early 90s). Sharron offers one of the largest collections of 45 records in the region and carefully curates her record collection, ranging from country to pop to classic rock to blues and jazz as well as collectable cassettes, CDs and records.

Sharron enjoys providing for people’s passion – as it has become popular once again to purchase music on vinyl. Given her wide collection, be sure to ask Sharron about what you’re in search for as she enjoys seeing the surprise on customer’s faces when they find what they’ve been looking for!

Look Sharron up in the Yellow Pages, Instagram (@sharrons335), Facebook and Twitter (Stardust Records) or on her website If you are interested in a specific item or you would like to sell to Sharron, call her at 905-545-4011.