Merchant Feature: The Art of Tea and Tasseomancy

Amy’s first time reading tea leaves was 30 years ago, while enjoying a cup of tea in a cafe in a Chinese restaurant in Toronto. Since then, her passion has continued to grow and you can find her Mystical Tearoom at 116 Ottawa St. N. Drawn to the location for the variety of businesses, street traffic as well as being a resident of Crown Point herself, Amy offers tea readings, workshops and other educational components to regulars and walk-ins alike.

Over the last 30 years, Amy has deepened her knowledge and understanding of tea and tea leaf reading through her time working as a horticulturalist, becoming a certified tea sommelier and discovering that tea leaf reading runs in her biological family! She is currently working on a book about the mystical side of tea and will include a substantial section on Tea Leaf Reading. She also operates the Tasseomancy Museum which shows over 120 years worth of tea reading cup sets, books, literature and advertising and tells the history of tea reading.

Buying her tea directly from the farms that grow the leafs to making her own blends, Amy also offers tea pairings with wine, chocolate and food through her tea sommelier services. In addition to tea leaf readings and Lenormand tea card readings, she also provides programs about tea and tea leaf readings.

Come see Amy at the Toronto Tea Festival in Toronto (Feb 1-2) as she will be a presenter! She will be presenting on Saturday and will be providing readings both days of the festival!

Readings are by appointment but join Amy on Wednesdays for $50 readings 1-5pm. To make an appointment, call/ text 905-865-2711 or email Follow Amy on Facebook (@taotat1) or Instagram/Twitter (@toatat).