Merchant Feature: Zorro Dry Cleaners

Zorro Dry Cleaners

Zorro Dry Cleaners has been a fixture on Ottawa Street for over 18 years. They are known for their exceptional customer service and unbeatable prices. The staff at Zorro’s takes the time to learn about individual customer’s needs and have built a loyal repeat client base within the Crown Point Community.

Pricing varies based on customer specifications, fabric, style, size and urgency. If you would like a quote you can submit a request directly from their website here or call 905-545-7788.

Same day pickup is available upon request. The back entrance can be used for pickup and drop-off and is a convenient alternative from having to find street parking if you’re in a hurry. Zorro accepts all garments, specialty items such as winter coats and jackets, formal wear such a suits and dresses, bedding and more. For a full list of services call or visit them at 246 Ottawa Street N.

Zorro Dry Cleaners is open Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm and closed Sunday.

Customer reviews:

“I brought in 2 sweaters that i had washed in the washing machine and left “vein like” lines all over the both of them. The nice lady said she couldn’t promise that she could fix it, but she would try. Three days later I picked them up and they looked brand new! I am so happy with this place, I will never go anywhere else.” – Amanda L

“Dropped off one suit and six of my husband’s shirts. Not going to lie, the shirts were filthy and I was actually worried they couldn’t be “saved”. Zorro cleaned them so well they look almost brand new! The two ladies working there were super friendly as well. I’ll definitely be coming back. The prices are pretty good too.” – Stephenie B

“Really went above and beyond. Super nice, friendly staff. Would highly recommend them” – Jennifer M