Monday Night Drawing at 337 Sketch Gallery

Did you know that 337 Sketch Gallery‚Äč hosts Monday Night Drawing with a life model every Monday evening from 7pm to 9:30pm? Galleriest Anne Becker has been hosting these sessions weekly for about a decade on Ottawa Street North.

The exercise is designed to improve hand and eye coordination, and the sessions are geared toward artists who already have some drawing experience, as there is no direct tutorial. That being said, many of the attendees are art teachers themselves. “If you need help, there is some help available,” Anne clarified, adding that having experience is not necessarily a prerequisite to enjoy or participate in the session.

So what can you expect if you’re a newcomer? “The first half hour we do warm up gestures, then we break,” Anne explained. “Afterwards, the model takes a pose and holds for the last two hours.” There are breaks every twenty minutes.

337 Sketch Gallery provides the easles, and participants are encouraged to bring chalk, pastels, pencils, pen and ink, erasers, and other drawing tools. Everyone is encouraged to be prompt, however you are welcome to come or go anytime in the two and a half hour period. Complimentary tea, coffee and homemade cookies will be provided, and others are welcome to bring snacks or items to share with the group if they like.

327 Ottawa Street North, second floor
Monday evenings 7pm-9:30pm
Cost: $12.50 (cash only)