It’s pretty wicked at Wick’d Wax Creations

Wes Fletcher of Wick’d Wax Creations at 203 Ottawa Street North is more than just a Chandler. No we’re not referring to the ubiquitous 90’s sitcom character. ‘Chandler’ is the correct vocational title for professional candle makers! “Wax is my medium, instead of say a paint brush,” explains Wes, who considers his work to be artistic and more deeply involved than some may realize.

Wes has been on his grind making custom candles and wax treasures for 25 years. “I started from the ground up…” he pauses, adding, “…scraping wax off the floor of a honey barn.” He laughs, because he knows it doesn’t sound glamorous. He opened his shop on Ottawa Street three years ago, but there’s a twist – 13 years ago, Wes was employed in the exact same location for Joe Glow Candles. “It’s a little strange,” he says.

The shop is 250 square feet of wall to wall, ceiling to floor candles and wax sculptures, and every single item is made by Wes personally. “Everything was made with these hands,” he smiles and waves both in the air, before admitting, “There’s always wax under my nails.” The attention to detail is part of the essential oils he chooses, and it goes all the way to the wicks, which Wes has made to exact specifications. There are three different kinds of wicks: wood wick, cotton core and paper core. “Cotton core is my favourite,” he says. “I love the even, steady burn, as well as the fragrance throw it produces. Wood wick is my second favourite, because it’s made from cedar and has 5% moisture, to allow for a crackling sound effect.”

One of his favourite designs are his Birch Bark candles. “I’m a very rustic guy,” he concedes. “For the Birch Bark candles, each pillar is all hand etched, and knots are put in. I create a dark wax blend to rub on, and it makes the birch look that everyone loves.” His latest creative piece is a replica of the coveted 1920’s Hamilton bricks. “It took a couple months to get the mold completely right, and its intend to be a Hamilton souvenir,” he said.

Aside from custom candles, and custom molds, Wes is also a great source for anyone looking to make candles themselves, and he has packages to get you started, whether for a personal hobby or an event like weddings or birthdays. When we asked him if he likes advising others on how to start making their own wax creations, his smile couldn’t have been any wider. “Just give me a call, absolutely.”

Wick’d Wax Creations
203 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON
(289) 921-0693